If you are planning on having cedars planted, laying down sod or simply patching up a dead spot on your property look no further.

We ensure quality work and even include ( if needed ) a perforated hose for your newly planted cedars, a hose and sprinkler for your newly laid down sod.

Most city bylaws allow consistent watering at any time for the first month after install.

We also provide an e-mail to our customers with links pointing to watering restriction bylaws depending on their region ensuring hassle-free watering schedules.

Some of the benefits of cedar planting:


- Improved Air Quality
- Reduction of Emissions
- Reduction of Smog
- Reduction of Green House Gasses
- Reduction of the “Urban Heat Island” Effect
- Noise Abatement
- Increased Psychological Well Being
- Improved Aesthetics
- Increased Property Values.