Professional lawn care service

Serving NDIP, Ile-Perrot, Baie D'urfe, Beaconsfield, Senneville, Vaudreuil and surrounding areas

Your landscape creates a powerful first impression.

If you are looking for the best lawn care service near me, that's US! We use only the best high powered lawn care equipment for our residential and commercial lawn care customers !

We take great pride in the work that we do and are proud to be a service based oriented family-owned business, we work hard to deliver exceptional results and earn the reputation that we have.

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Spring & Fall Seasonal Cleanups

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We make sure your property is clean and dispose of everything for you. We clear leaves out of your garden beds, driveways / walkways and grass.

  • Clearing away all leaves and branches from your lawn and garden beds.
  • Removing all debris for composting.

Our goal is to forge long-lasting relationships with our lawn care clients through hard work, trust and dependability.

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Pricing varies, please contact us for all inquiries

The price of our residential lawn care service is based on the size of your lot and the level of difficulty to manoeuvre. This service includes : - Weekly grass cutting - Trimming - Blowing away all debris

Lawn Edging

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Add curb appeal and landscape value to your home. Edging will give your lawn a crisp, clean manicured look while providing a root barrier that prevents grass entering your flower bed, pavers and driveway.


Pricing varies, please contact us for all inquiries

Service includes : - Mowing your lawn. - Trimming. - Edging flower beds, walkway and driveway. - Cleaning up debris.

Sod Installation

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Sod allows you to transform your yard from bare dirt to a beautiful lush lawn in only hours. Installing sod allows you to enjoy the instant beauty of a lawn with mature grass, without the time consuming hassles of seeding.

Garden Maintenance

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Planning a plant formation, cedar wall or flower garden? Mulch not only beautifies your project but also protects the plant, it also ensures moisture, healthy growth and prevents weeds from growing.

Grovia Landscaping offers lawn maintenance programs that are truly customizable to fit your specific needs.

Our residential services are tailored to fit any situation in Ile Perrot, Vaudreuil-Dorion the West Island and surrounding areas.

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Re-Seeding & Overseeding

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There is only one way to properly over seed and revitalize your lawn, the cross-cut system. This is how it's done on golf courses, and we bring this professional method straight to your home. The cross-cut system. Over seed your lawn like the pro's !


30 min. and up • Free Estimate

We manually remove weeds and crabgrass on your lawn. Overseeding is by far the best way to avoid weeds. If your lawn is healthy and your grass is cut at the right height, weeds will suffocate and have a much harder time taking root.

We provide you with the finest in mowing services, trimming the grass around your trees, buildings, taking care of blowing off decks, sidewalks, driveways and more.

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Shrub/Plant Pruning

45 min. and up • Free Estimate

We will trim your hedges and shrubs based on your needs. Trees and shrubs stay healthier if you remove branches that are diseased, dead or pest-ridden. Pruning distributes the plant's stored energy among flower buds. Pruning removes dead and dying branches and stubs, allowing room for new growth and protecting your property and passerby from damage. It also deters pest and animal infestation and promotes the plant's natural shape and healthy growth.


Starting from 399.95$

All products are 100% child and pet-friendly!
1st Application: Organic fertiliser 19/19/19 deep root treatment and lawn inspection
2nd Application: Organic fertiliser 27/0/03 weed control followed with a lawn inspection
3rd Application: Organic fertiliser 30/0/09 deep green treatment and lawn inspection
4th Application: Organic fall fertiliser and lawn inspection

Our services also include removing overgrowth of grass from the edges of sidewalks, driveways and other landscaping areas.

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Hedge Trimming

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Hedge trimming and debris removal/cleanup. Generally, hedges are best trimmed right before they break dormancy in late winter or early spring. Regular maintenance of hedges is important to keep them healthy. Pricing varies.


Please contact us for all inquiries

Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.

We wish to inform everyone that ALL pricing advertised on our website is subject to a property assessment. We want to make sure that everyone understands that pricing will vary due to many unforeseen circumstances; every property is unique which is why we developed a three-level pricing chart that will be available when we visit your property. We would also like to make it clear to everyone that no pricing displayed on our website is valid until an estimate is approved and confirmed by the customer. Grovia landscaping does not require customers to sign a long-term contract. However, we do have a four visit minimum when you agree to hire us for lawn care service. We are confident that you will appreciate our professionalism, and you may freely choose to keep us on board for all your lawn care needs without being locked into a lengthy contract. Our goal is to forge long-lasting business relationships with our clients through hard work, dedication, reliability and dependability.

We kindly ask all of our customers to please remove any debris and children's toys and ensure any gates are unlocked, so we can access and properly maintain your property on the day of your scheduled service.

Please take note that there are three tools we use that are not emission-free ( yet ): backpack blowers, lawn aerators and sod cutters. These machines are either unavailable or insufficient to properly maintain our customers' lawns. We will upgrade this equipment once it becomes available.