We love nature

We at Grovia Landscaping and lawn care services absolutely love nature.

We use state of the art equipment to ensure the best quality results. We take pride in seeing customer satisfaction which is why Grovia Landscaping Inc. does not require our customers to sign long term contracts!

We understand the importance of customer service and clear communication with our clients. We are so confident in our work, dedication and professionalism that we know Grovia lawn care and landscaping services will be your #1 choice.

Zero Emission

Zero Emission residential Lawn
Care equipment.

Our Landscaping Company cares about the environment. We do everything we can to do our part and are always on the lookout for emission free technology high powered battery lawn care equipment for our residential customers.

Our lawn care and landscaping services only use the best, most efficient lawn care tools at our disposal. We rigorously maintain and clean our equipment on a daily basis.

Our high powered battery equipment arsenal consists of :

- Battery-powered mowers

- Battery-powered riding mowers

- Battery-powered riding tractors

- Trimmers and hedge trimmers

- Battery-powered edgers

- Battery-powered chainsaws

We are continuously upgrading our lawn care equipment, Due to insufficient run times on battery-powered lawn care equipment, we only use top of the line, state of the art equipment, ensuring the highest quality finish our customers deserve. Rest assured, once these tools and equipment are available, we will upgrade our equipment once the technology in this area reaches satisfactory run times and results!