Eye-opening facts about healthy grass and the environment.

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January 14, 2020
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January 17, 2020
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Eye-opening facts about healthy grass and the environment.

Most, if not all, homeowners have grass that they regularly maintain one their property. Some chose to remove or have as little grass as possible, but the fact remains that having a healthy lawn with lush green grass is an extraordinary natural way of producing clean air.

Scientists have formulated the terms ‘carbon sink’ and ‘carbon source.’

  • A carbon sink is a system that stores more carbon than it produces.

  • A carbon source is a system that produces more carbon than it stores (like cars for example)

We sure need more carbon sinks and fewer carbon sources to benefit the environment.

In today’s society, we produce a lot of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). One way to get rid of excess CO2 is to plant more trees, shrubs, flowers etc… Plants take in CO2, and by using photosynthesis, they convert it to carbon and oxygen. The oxygen is then released into the atmosphere. In turn, your grass is a plant. It is genuinely a remarkable method that not only gives you a stunning landscape, but grass also catches airborne pollutants like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and smog and converts it to oxygen.


So the questions are; Is your lawn a carbon sink? And is it good or bad for the environment?

The answer; it all boils down to how you maintain it. Operating a gas-powered lawnmower and using gas-powered trimmers and edgers burn gasoline and convert it directly to carbon dioxide (CO2) Using high battery-powered lawn care equipment does not. Although charging batteries for eco-friendly tools does require energy and the production of power does produce CO2,  the difference between the two is substantial. Compare the amount of gas-powered equipment versus eco-friendly lawn mowers and trimmers, and the choice is obvious.


If you regularly mow your lawn and, of course, use an electric mower and power trimmers as we do,  your lawn and garden will become a carbon sink. This is why Grovia Landscaping has decided to upgrade all of its lawn care equipment, without transferring any of the costs to the customer. Our next move is to become 100% emission-free as soon as the equipment is available, efficient and able to handle everything we through at them. Here is a list of the equipment that we have changed so far.

Half of the planet’s oxygen is produced through phytoplankton photosynthesis. The other half is generated through shrubs, grass and other plants. So always remember, if you require a professional lawn care service provider, always keep in mind that Grovia Landscaping is your #1 choice for emission-free lawn care service.



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