6 things to never do to your lawn

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6 things to never do to your lawn

It takes discipline, time and a little know-how to maintain your lawn properly. Here are six practices that Grovia Landscaping professional lawn care service follows religiously to ensure our client’s lawns stand out and that you should adopt as well to achieve great-looking grass on your lawn.

#1 Never mow your lawn with a dull blade

Every hour is monitored on our commercial and residential lawn care equipment. I check the equipment and perform the proper maintenance every week, ensuring our mowers and trimmers are in tip-top shape to tackle the upcoming week of work. A well-maintained and razor-sharp lawnmower blade is vital for the overall look and health of a lawn. We tend to forget that grass is a plant and grass that is cut sharply dramatically increases photosynthesis and prevents water loss, which in turn, allows you to accurately set those irrigation and sprinkler systems accordingly. Your lawn only requires about an inch of water per week.

What is photosynthesis? It is a chemical process that turns carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and carbohydrates. The method uses sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into sugars that the cell can use as energy.

#2 Do not overwater your grass

Yes, overwatering your lawn is a thing… Your grass only needs about an inch or so of water per week. You should set your irrigation and sprinkler system accordingly and water for about an hour once a week.  We recommend early in the morning or after the sun goes down.  If you decide to lay down fresh sod, freshly installed sod will require about an inch of water every 4 hours to establish a deep root system.

#3 Never cut your grass too short

We all love a nicely manicured lawn, but let’s face it… We can’t control mother nature, and there will always be those long periods of drought. Our summers are short in Montreal, Quebec, but they tend to get very hot and humid during July and August. We’ve experienced weeks of intense heat with no rain in sight. Scalping your lawn will damage the root system of your grass. Scalping occurs when two-thirds of the grass blade is removed. Mow high people!  The roots grow deeper, and your lawn will absorb more moisture and nutrients and will become thicker. You should never remove more than one-third of the grass blade, taller grass is beneficial in many ways, it will prevent weeds from settling in and choke out most that are already established, it will provide more shade to the soil, and your grass will thrive all season long.

#4 Avoid over-fertilizing your lawn

It can be the best or worst thing for your yard! Fertilizing your lawn isn’t that complicated, but if you make a small mistake, you can turn your beautiful green lawn into a yellow wasteland. There are a few essential steps to follow when fertilizing your lawn.

  • Checking the PH level of the soil.
  • Aerate the soil allowing the nutrients to reach the roots.
  • Applying fertilizer at the right time.
  • Using the right amount based on the square footage of your property.

Many brands used different amounts of chemicals. If they’re not applied correctly they can kill your grass.  Using the proper mixture and quantity with the right amount of irrigation will transform that average-looking lawn into a lush green haven that will stand out when people pass by your home.

#5 Do not cut your grass after watering or after rainfall

There are many reasons never to cut your grass when it’s wet. The best time to mow your lawn is when the grass is dry. Morning dew and rainfall weigh down the grass. Your mower blades will slightly bend, making an even cut extremely difficult.  The grass clippings also tend to clump up and not spread evenly when mulching. Another important note that many people do not know is that disease can spread quickly when you cut wet grass. That’s because a damp grass blade is more susceptible to disease-carrying organisms. Some lawn care companies neglect this fact and sometimes unknowingly spread these disease-carrying organisms to other clients with healthy lawns. There might be times when you have no choice to mow your wet grass, especially when it rains a lot. It is far better to mow the damp lawn than letting the grass grow too tall.

Our professionals at Grovia landscaping and lawn care services always hose down our equipment on these rare occasions to prevent the spread of disease to any of our customer’s properties.

#6 You should not bag your grass clippings

Its simple mulching grass clipping with properly designed mulching lawn mower blades will help your grass stay green and will provide your lawn with proper nourishment. Also, If you properly fertilize your yard, your grass absorbs those little nutrients, and when you mulch and redistribute your grass clippings, those nutrients will be recycled and provide everything your lawn needs to maintain its beauty, strength and lush green colour.


Call or text Grovia Landscaping anytime for the best lawn care service near me and surrounding areas at 514 924-1151. You can always leave us a message through Facebook.  We service the west island of Montreal, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Ile Perrot, Notre-Dame-De-L’ile-Perrot, Senneville, Baie-Durfee, Beaconsfield, Kirkland, Pointe-Claire and more.



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